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Colonised Land; Colonised Mind (A Scottish perspective)

by Alastair McIntosh

I found this essay on the Rainforest Information Centre Website via the Henry George Institute

website of Alastair McIntosh

“It worries me when I hear of people of Scots descent putting obstacles in the way of native land rights claims in countries like Australia or the States. They should study their own history, mostly untaught in schools, and come to see that this is unbecoming behaviour. It is a betrayal not just of native land rights of the first nation peoples with who they now live, but also of our own people.”
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Celtic Christianity and a spirituality of place; An Irish/English Australian perspective

I have recently discovered on the net the website of the Community of Aiden and Hilda based on the holy Island of Lindisfarne in Britain.

This community is committed to the Celtic tradition of Christianity, a tradition that predates the Roman church by centuries. Continue reading