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Celtic Christianity and a spirituality of place; An Irish/English Australian perspective

I have recently discovered on the net the website of the Community of Aiden and Hilda based on the holy Island of Lindisfarne in Britain.

This community is committed to the Celtic tradition of Christianity, a tradition that predates the Roman church by centuries. Continue reading


Reconciliation, Close the Gap, Sovereignty and Land Rights

This Australian reconciliation mass movement may have provided an outlet to direct white Australian anxiety about the history of the country but since the rise of the reconciliation movement all of the Aboriginal gains of the 20th century have been systematically undone with a minimum of fuss. Native title has been totally washed out, ATSIC abolished, Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody recommendations ignored, Aboriginal health and poverty and housing statistics have gotten worse.
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The importance of place in bible stories – Eden, Babylon and Armageddon


Biblical scholars can and do argue over who wrote what book of the bible, what the Greek or Hebrew really means in English language, whether the characters of the bible were real people or mythical archetypes and all the other vagaries of the written word. Continue reading

Jesus is an Aborigine

This essay suggests that it is not the mission of the white Australian church to offer Jesus Christ to Aboriginal Australia, but rather to learn about Jesus the Christ from Aboriginal Australia.

1/ Introduction; Two great men of God.
The Late Mr. Norman Mitchell and The Late Rev. Dr. William Augustus Jones Junior.

2/ Jesus is an Aborigine

3/ The historical context of Jesus of Nazareth

4/ Indigenous revolution

5/ Sin and Salvation in Aboriginal Australia

6/ Babylon and the contemporary Christian Church

7/ Conclusion
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Sacred Treaty Circles and the Indigenous Research Agenda

The following is a resource document of the “Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, Custodian of the land Minjerribah, Peace Prosperity and Healing, Sacred Treaty Circles”, written by Dr. Jocelyn Davies.

Ontology and Sacred Treaty Circles Framework
The concept of worldview, ontology or science of being, enables people to make sense of their world and explain it through an epistemology, or knowledge system. The epistemology determines what is true or false, and establishes a theory of values or ethics.

In terms of the Sacred Treaty Circle business, its ontology provides a strategic framework within which to operate. This ontological framework goes beyond the hierarchical understanding and provides a lateral sense of absolute truths and spiritual onenesses in its structure. The framework seeks to manifest from the spiritual oneness of the ancestors and the absolute truths of the unborn children in balance without egoic manifestations, to create peace, prosperity and healing. Continue reading