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What is (or is not) “Dreaming”?

Too Obvious to See: Aboriginal Spirituality and Cosmology

Penny Tripcony, Manager (at the time of the speech), Oodgeroo Unit, Queensland University of Technology)
(Paper initially presented at the National Conference of the Australian Association of Religious Education, September, 1996.)
from – QUT Oodgeroo Unit

“It is not a word that Aboriginal groups have used; it is a non-Aboriginal anthropological term which does not acknowledge the diversity amongst Aboriginal groups.”

“The term has become debased. It has gained currency amongst non-Indigenous Australia and is being used in contexts which have no relationship to the complexity of Aboriginal spirituality. The Dreaming is not the product of human dreams (is not referred to in Aboriginal languages for dreams or the act of dreaming. The use of the English word ‘dreaming’ is more of a matter of analogy than translation.)”
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“Making common cause with the poor” – the Liberation Theology of Leonardo Boff and Clodovis Boff

“There is a failure to see that the poor are oppressed and made poor by others; and what they do possess – strength to resist, capacity to understand their rights, to organize themselves and transform a subhuman situation – tends to be left out of account. Aid increases the dependence of the poor, tying them to help from others, to decisions made by others: again not enabling them to become their own liberators.”

“The historical subjects of this liberation are the oppressed who must develop a consciousness of their oppressed situation, organize themselves, and take steps that will lead to a society that is less dependent and less subject to injustices. Other classes may, and should, join this project of the oppressed, but without trying to control it.”
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