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Poetry and artwork by Baganan Kurityityin Theresa Creed.

“Time and space” by Baganan

Theresa was born on the Woorabinda Aboriginal mission, lives in Brisbane and is an elder of the Kalkadoon and Pitta Pitta tribes of North West Queensland. Her poems and paintings are memories and visions of her family’s traditional land, disposession, incarceration in the Aboriginal mission system, survival in the cities of mainstream Australia and the underlying spirituality that has run through it all.


Don’t cry too much
Yesterday has gone
But not to far away
To still remember the hurtful pains
And all the other things
Try not to be too sad
Because it’s all that you ever had
So be cheerful and live for today
Because when tomorrow comes
You can be prepared
To share in the things
That you wanted
In whichever way it comes
Don’t freak out
That you’ve been left behind
Try not to stay around too long
Because time is moving on


When I tried to talk
I couldn’t
Cause not only was I shy
But I didn’t know any words

Sometimes my voice was loud
Depends on my mood
But I tried not to be mad
So that it can sound real smooth


The modern day hunter gatherer
Make sure you come equipped
The rights to be in possession of
Equipped with the knowledge of
Transparency spirituality
Ancient capabilities

The modern day hunter gatherer
Make sure you come equipped


Then they all stopped
And looked at each other
And themselves
And realized
They have all become the system
Both rich and poor
Male and female
Girl and boy
Nations and nations

While it crept into their minds
It then took over their lives
Exposing themselves
To themselves
To lose control
And to be controlled
Thus becoming the system
The system took over


We got ours and we feel fine
When it rains
We can go inside
And still not get wet

And when it shines
We can go outside
And play in the sand
Cause my humpy gunya is the best

“Humpy Gunya” by Baganan

All poetry and artwork on this page is copyright 2008 Baganan Kurityityin Theresa Creed