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Towards an Aboriginal theology – Graham Paulson

excerpt – “What I do intend to discuss are the key
features of a biblical theology that relate especially to Indigenous
cultures. The focus will be on biblical principles not just because I am a Protestant, but because the development of theology in the Pacific
region is weighed down by a history of colonialism. One way of over-
coming the effects of this history is to engage with the biblical literature, rather than Western theology, with resources drawn from our own spiritual traditions.”

Click here for PDF – “Towards an Aboriginal theology” by Graham Paulson

from Pacifica Australasian theological studies


“Anarcho-Primitivism and the bible” by Ched Myers

“The trenchant anarcho-primitivist critique of civilisation finds surprising resonance in the Hebrew-Christian scriptures – if, that is, they are read as documents of Israelite resistance to Ancient Near Eastern empires from Egypt to Rome, rather than a legitimating ideology for Christendom.”

Click here for PDF “”Anarcho-Primitivism and the bible” by Ched Myers”

Ched Myers website – Click here “

anarcho-primitivism in wikipedia

see also “In the land of the living” – christian anarcho-primitivism