My name is John Tracey and I live in Brisbane Australia.

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I am not trying to convince anybody of anything here, nor am I attempting to recruit to any movement or ideology. The things I write is just what I reckon, that’s all. If it is helpful to anyone then I am glad.

My own background is in the Christian Church and in the radical left, for I period I occupied both camps. However today I claim the institutional Christian church is irrelevant to the quest for an authentic and meaningful spirituality and the political left is irrelevant to the process of social change. Both manifest simply as self-reinforcing ideological commentary.

I say, both the Christian church and the radical left have constructed their philosophies and ideologies totally within the contained box of a dysfunctional and ill culture, they share the same basic consciousness matrix as the dominant society and as such are in fact manifestations of “the system” rather than the rebellious alternative that they like to think themselves as.

On this site I offer a challenge to Christian and Radical left ideology, not as an opponent but as a fellow traveller who has been down many of the dead ends before, a fellow traveller who dares to suggest the exploration of some other possible routes for the journey.


I am now posting essays from many other writers here, as well as my own occasional pieces. I do not necessarily endorse the perspectives of these other writers, I include them because I find them interesting and they have contributed to my own considerations on various matters.

Updated update –

I have read a couple of references to “Unlearning the Problem” where it is described as an indigenous blog. While this is true in that we are all indigenous to somewhere, I want to make it clear that I am not an Australian Aborigine, I am and Irish and English Aborigine living in Australia.

My own writing does focus a lot on indigenous issues but it is very much written from a non-indigenous perspective.