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The Church of the Higgs Boson: Hallelujah He is Risen!

Stephen Hawking – a famous and very clever expert

Stephen Hawking and myself have predicted that the Higgs boson particle, the so-called god particle, will never be found. Following announcements that the CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) Large Hadron Collider experiments have found evidence of the Higgs boson, the international media has declared that Stephen Hawking has lost a $100 bet that it would never be found and must now pay up. I hope that Stephen has more scientific integrity than what the media expect of him and refuses to pay the $100 to whoever he made the bet with.

CERN have discovered something but they don’t know what it is. If they had found nothing then the Higgs boson would be disproved but the discovery of something leaves the possibility open that the Higgs boson might exist – that is all. There is nothing in the minimal information released by CERN so far to suggest that the something they have found performs any of the magical functions that the Higgs boson is prophesied to perform. Continue reading


Sacred Treaty Circles and the Indigenous Research Agenda

The following is a resource document of the “Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, Custodian of the land Minjerribah, Peace Prosperity and Healing, Sacred Treaty Circles”, written by Dr. Jocelyn Davies.

Ontology and Sacred Treaty Circles Framework
The concept of worldview, ontology or science of being, enables people to make sense of their world and explain it through an epistemology, or knowledge system. The epistemology determines what is true or false, and establishes a theory of values or ethics.

In terms of the Sacred Treaty Circle business, its ontology provides a strategic framework within which to operate. This ontological framework goes beyond the hierarchical understanding and provides a lateral sense of absolute truths and spiritual onenesses in its structure. The framework seeks to manifest from the spiritual oneness of the ancestors and the absolute truths of the unborn children in balance without egoic manifestations, to create peace, prosperity and healing. Continue reading