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Mental Health – Dr. John Breeding

Dr. (Phd Psychology) John Breeding
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A Supernatural God?

It is often said that atheists and christians agree on what “god” is, they just disagree as to whether it exists or not. However, what if “God” was something outside of the understanding of atheist and christian alike, something that does not conform to the cultural assumptions of what “supernatural” actually is? Continue reading

What is (or is not) “Dreaming”?

Too Obvious to See: Aboriginal Spirituality and Cosmology

Penny Tripcony, Manager (at the time of the speech), Oodgeroo Unit, Queensland University of Technology)
(Paper initially presented at the National Conference of the Australian Association of Religious Education, September, 1996.)
from – QUT Oodgeroo Unit

“It is not a word that Aboriginal groups have used; it is a non-Aboriginal anthropological term which does not acknowledge the diversity amongst Aboriginal groups.”

“The term has become debased. It has gained currency amongst non-Indigenous Australia and is being used in contexts which have no relationship to the complexity of Aboriginal spirituality. The Dreaming is not the product of human dreams (is not referred to in Aboriginal languages for dreams or the act of dreaming. The use of the English word ‘dreaming’ is more of a matter of analogy than translation.)”
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Reconciliation, Close the Gap, Sovereignty and Land Rights

This Australian reconciliation mass movement may have provided an outlet to direct white Australian anxiety about the history of the country but since the rise of the reconciliation movement all of the Aboriginal gains of the 20th century have been systematically undone with a minimum of fuss. Native title has been totally washed out, ATSIC abolished, Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody recommendations ignored, Aboriginal health and poverty and housing statistics have gotten worse.
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Aboriginal health and Aboriginal land

A media release from the “Desert knowledge Co-operative Research Centre”

Health, happiness from the deserts
August 10, 2008

There is mounting scientific evidence that keeping the connection that Aboriginal people have with their traditional country strong can make an important contribution in the fight against the epidemic of chronic disease and social dislocation.

DKCRC leader of the Livelihoods inLandTM research project Dr Jocelyn Davies told the Garma Festival of Traditional Culture in the Northern Territory today that research is revealing that ‘caring for country’ has a critical – and quantifiable – role to play in improving the health and wellbeing of Australia’s Aboriginal people.

“It all begins with the desert Aboriginal world view, which holds that everything comes from the land – all laws, ties of kinship, ceremony, food, work, activity and good health,” she explains.

“If you move people away from their land in an attempt to deliver better health and other services, paradoxically you may sever the link that gives them both physical and psychological health.” Continue reading