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Aboriginal Sovereignty and the colonisation of South East Queensland – a history of conflict

The West End Uniting Church and the Progressive Spirituality Network invite you to a lecture and discussion.

“Aboriginal Sovereignty and the colonisation of South East Queensland – a history of conflict”.

Presented by Dr. Libby Connors.

Sunday April 11 6.30 pm

At the West End Uniting Church on the corner of Vulture and Sussex Streets West End.

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Art Exhibition

Fair Trade – an ego massage for the rich?

The Fair Trade movement has always had its critics, including myself since the 1980s, who have said that it is just a mechanism by which consumers in the rich world can feel better about themselves. It is a movement based around the consumption patterns of the rich and not the needs of the poor. Continue reading

Is Progressive Spirituality just another middle class comfort religion?

I attended the recent Val Webb/Peter Kennedy workshop at New Farm. Unlike the other reports from the conference I report that I was disappointed and disturbed by what I found there. I left the workshop early because I felt totally alienated and frustrated. I certainly did not share in the commonality that others have described.

I had hoped to find some free-thinking people with a new agenda for the church. However what I found was a group of white middle class people that looked, smelt, sounded and acted exactly the same as the institutional church that I have rejected. Continue reading

An open letter to members of the Uniting Church of Australia

I have been considering becoming a member of the Uniting Church for some time. I am a member of the Progressive Spirituality Network which has regular services in conjunction with the West End (Bris) Uniting Church. Continue reading