Aboriginal Sovereignty and the colonisation of South East Queensland – a history of conflict

The West End Uniting Church and the Progressive Spirituality Network invite you to a lecture and discussion.

“Aboriginal Sovereignty and the colonisation of South East Queensland – a history of conflict”.

Presented by Dr. Libby Connors.

Sunday April 11 6.30 pm

At the West End Uniting Church on the corner of Vulture and Sussex Streets West End.

More info – westendcommunityjustice@gmail.com

This lecture is a part of the “covenanting” process within the Uniting Church. The West End Congregation in association with the Uniting Church Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress will conduct a “healing ceremony” in the not too distant future to acknowledge Aboriginal traditional ownership and the sins of colonial society including the church.
As part of the preparation for this ceremony the church is attempting to inform itself of the history of the land on which we live. In order to confess and repent of our collective sins we must first be aware of what they are.
The healing ceremony is not an end in itself or the culmination of the process. The local church sees the ceremony as a beginning, to build a platform for ongoing action for justice and engagement with Aboriginal people, land, culture and law.
This process is also relevant to the broader Uniting Church which is presently discussing proposed changes to the preamble of its constitution including an acknowledgment of the existence of God in this country and the authenticity of Aboriginal peoples understandings of God before the European missionaries arrived as well as the Church’s complicity and active involvement in the process of colonisation and oppression.
There will be no bible-bashing at the April 11 lecture and all are welcome to attend irrespective of spiritual disposition.
Anyone curious about the broader healing and covenanting process in its fullest spiritual dimensions are welcome to join in.


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